The struggle is real

A few months ago I dropped a post basically saying the game is pretty much in development. I did, however, fail to mention the game was brought back to concept stages, and no substantial development was done, other than a movement prototype. And now, in the spirit of transparency, and because I changed my mind again, I wish to clear everything up.

This is just a jumbled mess...

I had pretty much given up on the basic version of the game I had built in XNA. The game had no focus and no substance. I had focused on pretty lighting and recoil values, and had learned how to code a game in that framework, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I was trying to cram too many game modes into it, too many weapons and ideas, and eventually it became a clone of every other game I played at the time.

Eventually when I wanted to focus it more on specific ideas I liked, I realized that the code I had made was complete trash. I couldn’t expand the game further without rewriting some pretty major parts of it, and that’s what made me lose all the motivation I had.

Still there were no stopping the ideas I had, so I had to make the only choice that seemed logical at the time: start fresh.


I had all of these ideas about a space game. I wanted to build player-sized spaceships whose abilities were centered around classes and ship parts. I wanted to make an open galaxy where sectors could be captured and mobs could be killed in order to progress in an ever-persisting universe.

That idea was big and ambitious. And it was a mistake.

Every time I opened up Unity, it was like a wave had come and gone. One moment I wanted to build a game, then I wanted to play other games. Games that suited the type of game I wanted to make. I couldn’t find such games so I wanted to make one. And it persisted in this never-ending loop, where every cycle meant cutting a feature out, focusing on another aspect, cutting more stuff out, adding stuff in, etc.

It became a completely different vision from what I had back in 2011. And I apologize for tricking each and every one of you into another of my indecisive ideas.

I have a commitment issue, and most of it stems from both insecurity and unable to find peace of mind. Also too much on my plate. That’s why I need to find something that pleases me.

And that’s why I decided to, yet again, restart Killplex.

I’m sorry. But I have a plan!


In order to motivate myself, and not lose focus on what I want to achieve, I am setting up goals for this project. One of them is to write on this blog regularly. So I set myself up a schedule: make a new post every week discussing ideas and concepts. Whether I have anything new or not.

This will pretty much help me get stuff off my head, and eventually finish the game I wanted to make, but was jumbled enough to fall apart.

More details on the next post, I swear.

Over and out.

Killplex v14 post

2 thoughts on “The struggle is real”

  1. I’ve read somewhere that you will be posting every week? And this was posted on 9th of August. Come on man, don’t leave your dreams!

    1. Sorry for the silence. I’ve been meaning to post but full time job is occupying all of my time for the last two months.

      I haven’t given up 🙂 expect a post soon.

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