Something wicked this way comes

The next patch will be the start of some breaking changes to Killplex. However, in this post, I will go in a bit of detail about where the game is going. Let me start by what’s already in store:

Killplex Accounts. This is probably the focal point of the next patch. Announced servers will now require you to be logged in, to an account that you create in a yet-to-reveal Killplex sub-site. This account will be your identity in the game, and with it I will be able to introduce some exciting new stuff.

Stat-tracking. These announced servers will be able to track your score, kills, deaths and many other stats. This will be handy for a new sub-site, where you will be able to check everything related to your persona, and also for Leaderboards. Oh, and, you will be able to reset your stats if you don’t like your progression. *wink*

Personalization. I am yet conceiving this idea, but the general gist of it would involve clan-tags, custom player elements, and so on. This is still pretty undeveloped and will most likely be introduced only after Beta 1.

New game modes. Yes, there are eight (!) modes already available (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, Gun Race, Predator, Domination, Base Attack and Capture The Flag). At least 6 more will join these in the future. I will now reveal the names (but not more than that… for now): Convoy, Defusal, Invasion, Infection, Survival and Dungeon.

These wicked changes won’t rest solely on the game itself, but on the website as well, where I will be making some overall tweaks and improvements:

I will introduce a Wiki for people to get familiarized with the game and its mechanics, configurations, and the wiki will basically be an overall place for tips and such.

I will also introduce a specialized Bug Tracking site, where you will be able to submit possible bugs, check the status of bugs that were already opened, and for me to keep a proper list of bugs throughout the game.

Last, but certainly not least, I will introduce the Community sub-site (that I mentioned above) where you will be able to check your (and your friends’) stats, overall leaderboards and stuff like that. I will not, however, create a social network for the game. That will be stored for something else.

Excited? Leave a comment below telling me what you think about this. Also, the new v30 patch is coming this weekend, and again, lots of changes will happen.

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