Patch v32: the start of a new era

This is a somber menu, you guys.
This is a somber menu, you guys.

It should also be known as “Holy crap, there are bugs in this patch!”

I am rushing out this release because a lot of internal and base code has been changed, and I need you to test and report those bugs for me. While there still isn’t code in place for reporting bug crashes (soon, guys, shhh!), you can very well leave a comment anywhere and I’ll promptly read it (or contact me directly if you have such ways).

I am labeling this new stage as FrankenEngineThe process of getting code from the new engine onto the old one. Think of it as a castle made of LEGOs. I take out the old foundation bit by bit, without messing with the castle itself; and I fit in the new foundation, also bit by bit. This while everything that’s on top stops working, in which case I just make it work by lightly hitting on things with a screwdriver. By that, I mean putting hot patches into old code so it works.

After all the foundation is ported, I’ll start phasing out the old code and rewriting new stuff. Think of it as rebuilding each room of the castle.

Huh, that’s actually a nice metaphor.

What actually changed? You will not see it at first glance, since almost all of the changes were code level. In short: there is a new Screen Management system with much better performance and flexibility; some common code functions were replaced into better counterparts; a new Input system is in place; some minor changes to Networking (this will be very much the last part that will be affected); and some old code is being phased out.

What are you changing in the next patch? Pretty much nothing. The next patch will consist of bug fixes to the old code.

When are we going to start noticing stuff changing? Some stuff is already apparent. The main menu background has disappeared, the Input is a bit better and does not lag so much, but the real changes will come with the next set of LEGOs, which can take up to two months to be completed.

What is the next set of legos? I’ll be porting the new World class, but I will only plug it in when everything is done. That means porting old Entity types into the new setup, making sure the mapper works, etc. I will work on those features, but you will not see them in-game.

Are you a wizard? Yes.

5 thoughts on “Patch v32: the start of a new era”

  1. It’s a simile. 😀
    Yeah one of my friends On steam was playing this game and I checked it out. I was like can’t be that great. (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover) So I downloaded it and he set a server up. And wow the lighting, Concept, and just the game in general was enjoyable. I found a bug or two, but didn’t interfere with game at all. I loved hiding in the corners with a rpg (Lol, Newb) and waiting for someone to walk by. Its really a new kind of game (Atleast for me) and really like it. This has a lot going for it! Please continue with this game!

    1. Couldn’t see anyone just needed to relog.

    2. When I press enter to send my message it would go fullscreen and out.) Maybe it was just my keyboard settings, But I tried to check.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, and I’m glad you like it! The game is receiving a slight overhaul at the moment and should be even better soon 🙂

      As for the bugs you’ve found, other players have already experienced them, and I’m sorry for any inconveniences they may cause you. Here’s an explanation to why they happen:

      1. That’s a bug with AMD drivers that is present in the old version of the engine (the one in the current build of the game) where the screen will be black for a few seconds (and it normalizes itself when the map finishes loading). Minimizing and maximizing will sort it out temporarily, but a true fix will only come when the new engine is completed.

      2. There is indeed a problem with Input where sometimes the ALT key will be “stuck” if you do ALT+Tab or ALT+Enter. Again, a true fix will only come with the new engine, but in the meantime, after you do any of those key combos, just press ALT again when you reopen the game window and it should be fine.

      Again, thank you for your feedback, and have fun with the game 😀

  2. Update on the Mac port
    Scenario 1 (With Norris’ help): Instantly crashes Wineskin, game won’t even start under Virtual Desktop.
    Scenario 2 (Me by myself): Game Updater launches, updates the game, then black screens the Virtual Desktop and I have to force quit.

    Both problems caused by mscoree.dll not being found or the game file itself not being found…

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