So… updates on things.

Hey. This blog’s been quiet for a while now. It’s time to update it, no?

Killplex development is going slow. Stress from other stuff has been climbing and the focus on the game has been less. However I now have some time and patience to work on this further, since now I have a clear idea of what I want.

I’ve been making notes and overall conceptualizing how the gameplay will be established instead of actually coding anything useful. So yes, there will be changes to the Killplex formula.

If you want to know more, read on.

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Patch v32: the start of a new era

This is a somber menu, you guys.
This is a somber menu, you guys.

It should also be known as “Holy crap, there are bugs in this patch!”

I am rushing out this release because a lot of internal and base code has been changed, and I need you to test and report those bugs for me. While there still isn’t code in place for reporting bug crashes (soon, guys, shhh!), you can very well leave a comment anywhere and I’ll promptly read it (or contact me directly if you have such ways).

I am labeling this new stage as FrankenEngineThe process of getting code from the new engine onto the old one. Think of it as a castle made of LEGOs. I take out the old foundation bit by bit, without messing with the castle itself; and I fit in the new foundation, also bit by bit. This while everything that’s on top stops working, in which case I just make it work by lightly hitting on things with a screwdriver. By that, I mean putting hot patches into old code so it works.

After all the foundation is ported, I’ll start phasing out the old code and rewriting new stuff. Think of it as rebuilding each room of the castle.

Huh, that’s actually a nice metaphor.

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Back in development

This seems like a never-ending rollercoaster, and I’m the guy that won’t shut it off.

I am resuming development on the previous codebase (formerly known as old build), and I’m going to expand from there. This means development on the new engine is scrapped, but I will rewrite the current (old) engine over time in order to integrate the new code.

After the jump, I made a little FAQ. If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to reply.

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Sorry for the lack of updates…

Just wanted to clarify that Killplex is still pretty much in development, contrary to what the absence of blog posts and updates might possibly indicate.

I just had to take a breather on programming (over-stressing isn’t good for y’all), and I’ve been focusing more on ideas about how to do design and gameplay, and not so much on coding. Thinking on these things first will give me a clear set of goals about how to tackle the whole engineering side of it, so, in the end, it’s all for a good cause.

Again, I’m sorry for the lack of updates that this blog is having, I assure you that I will share stuff as soon as I have something concrete to show.

It’s been a while

As you’ve probably noticed, this blog has been a bit quiet over the past weeks. There’s a reason for that, and that is the fact that Killplex has been rebooted.

Unfortunately, I’m at that part of the code where I can’t show you anything because I’m only doing the foundations of the engine. You’d see a really jumbled mess of code that could or could not work, and honestly you deserve better than that.

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Killplex Beta 1 (v30): Killplex Account, and lots of changes


So. Killplex Accounts. Nifty stuff, you create your username, put in your email and a password, and there. You have a permanent identity. Which will be used for lots of stuff. I’d say that’s pretty neat, don’t you think?

Also, this one is a mega-patch, due to the sheer size of changes, fixes and rebalancing going on. You can check them out here.

Because this was one of those patches where core stuff was changed, a lot of options will be bugged. My advice? Remove your config.cfg (you can find it on %appdata%/Killplex), and start over.

Be wary that if, in future patches, your account gets deleted, it’s because I purged it. This is because I may or may not change the database frequently, as this is still a very (and I quote, very) Beta release. So sometimes erasing everything is easier than making scripts to adjust already-existing content to the new frame. So don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

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Something wicked this way comes

The next patch will be the start of some breaking changes to Killplex. However, in this post, I will go in a bit of detail about where the game is going. Let me start by what’s already in store:

Killplex Accounts. This is probably the focal point of the next patch. Announced servers will now require you to be logged in, to an account that you create in a yet-to-reveal Killplex sub-site. This account will be your identity in the game, and with it I will be able to introduce some exciting new stuff.

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Creative waters


I said on my Twitter that I was stalling development for a while due to personal problems. This was not entirely true, because, even though I’m not coding (not as much as I was two weeks ago), I am still developing in terms of game design, defining a roadmap, and so on.

Many new ideas are now coming to my head, about how to tackle a certain game mechanic, or how to do a certain mode, or what I need for a certain feature to be properly implemented. I’m worrying too much about critical reception and appealing to the masses, so I’m throwing those cares away.

I’m pretty much returning to the basics. The intent of this game was to make it so that me and my group of friends can enjoy the best of every single game we played before. From enjoying a single game of Rush, to try and tackle a Gun Game from time to time, or even a simple Death match, we wanted something that was made for us. So I’m turning to that philosophy.

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Killplex Beta 1 (v27): Predator mode! Fixes, stabilization; 24/7 servers!

PredatorI kinda said I wasn’t going to release any more patches for a while… well, I kinda found a way around that. Even though it hurts posting and updating everything from a laptop. Seriously, it took me the time it usually takes to update everything plus half an hour. It hurts.

Predator mode arrived in v26. Inspired on the (probably famous) Half-Life 2 mod “Hidden: Source”, 8 players must hunt for the hidden coward known as the Predator (what an oxymoron, right?). The Predator has triple the health (300% for those who don’t do math), has a number of frag grenades according to the number of players in the Attacking team (1-2p = 0 grenades, 3-4p = 1 grenade, 5-6p = 2 grenades, 7-8 = 3 grenades), walks at double the normal speed, and has a special skill called Invisibility, which allows him to become semi-undetectable for about 10 seconds.

Download it now!

More after the jump.

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