Killplex Beta 1 (v27): Predator mode! Fixes, stabilization; 24/7 servers!

PredatorI kinda said I wasn’t going to release any more patches for a while… well, I kinda found a way around that. Even though it hurts posting and updating everything from a laptop. Seriously, it took me the time it usually takes to update everything plus half an hour. It hurts.

Predator mode arrived in v26. Inspired on the (probably famous) Half-Life 2 mod “Hidden: Source”, 8 players must hunt for the hidden coward known as the Predator (what an oxymoron, right?). The Predator has triple the health (300% for those who don’t do math), has a number of frag grenades according to the number of players in the Attacking team (1-2p = 0 grenades, 3-4p = 1 grenade, 5-6p = 2 grenades, 7-8 = 3 grenades), walks at double the normal speed, and has a special skill called Invisibility, which allows him to become semi-undetectable for about 10 seconds.

Download it now!

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Predator mode also allowed me to stretch some of the engine capabilities where it comes to lighting. Basically, the new pr_arena map is a lighting fest. Lights are constantly switching on and off, and that makes the gameplay a lot more fun. Not to mention lights also sync with the server, so everyone sees the same.

The reason I didn’t publish the Predator mode sooner was because I wanted to playtest everything and get field feedback before making everything static. What this means is that most of the decisions about this mode weren’t final, and getting user feedback before I finalized some stuff actually helped making this mode better.

Also, v26 was full of bugs. I rushed the release in order to organize a mini-playtest (mini because of player size, not because of the HOLY-SHIT 4 hours) so I could get that feedback.

So, here is v27. Full of small tweaks and fixes, some that I thought I already implemented, but they weren’t after all, basically just taking the game and making it more stable.

I also am going to try and keep some servers open 24/7. It might lag or disconnect from time to time, due to murky wireless connections, but they will be open. I don’t have the monetary resources to rent a dedicated server somewhere else, so I’m keeping a laptop running them. “Why a laptop?”, you ask. Because it doesn’t consume too much energy (I’m keeping it on power-saving mode), and because the servers are relatively light on CPU and RAM.

So yeah, that’s all I have to say for now. Check back for more updates, and feedback will be appreciated!

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