Killplex Beta 1 (v20): Gun Race, Grenades

Gun RaceSince the beta started, I’ve been lining up a plan on how to move forward with this game. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the first step, and it involves new arsenal and a new game mode…

Gun Race is a mode based on the popular Gun Game that you can see on many games out there, primarily first-person shooters. This one has a Killplex flavour, in which it is 2D, it is fast, and it is hard. You basically kill with a weapon to level up, and when you do, you get another weapon.

This is the new game mode that I’ve implemented, and at least 6 more modes will be coming during the beta. As for which one comes next, I’m not really telling, other than it is based on a really popular game mode involving a flag. And you pick it up and go other places.

Grenades are here. v18 introduced the Frag Grenade, and v19 stabilized some of that code, and added new code pertaining to Flashbangs and Smoke Grenades. Now you can turn tactical and storm bases with smoke, you can throw a frag to flush out some campers, and you can flash them so that they don’t see you coming.

If most things go right, next update will feature a new type of weapon: Charges. I’m still trying to figure out which ones to implement, but C4 and Claymores are strong candidates.

Download it here!

As always, feedback is appreciated.

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