Killplex Alpha 1 v8: major bug fix, some gameplay tweaks!

Hey! New week, new patch to install.

Nothing significant has been added to this version, mostly fixes and tweaks. There was one nasty bug that crashed the game when some people did Alt+TAB to Windows, or even minimized the window entirely, but I fixed it.

There were a couple of tweaks done as well, but I guess a list does the job better than I do at reporting this sort of stuff.

  • Added feedback sound when a player is capturing/neutralizing a capture point in Domination.
  • Added support for in-game option changing through the console.
  • Changed some server internal logic and configuration.
  • Changed the explosion particle effect of the RPG-9 Eradicator.
  • Changed the game connection sequence slightly in order to avoid issues related to high latency and others.
  • Fixed an issue where other players’ overlay was being shown when they spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where the engine would crash with a purple screen if the game was minimized somehow.
  • Fixed an issue where the player wouldn’t be able to switch teams if they were balanced and the player was a spectator.
  • Fixed an issue where the server admin couldn’t kick a player due to “name not recognized” even if the names were the same.
  • Fixed blood spatter particle effect appearing in the wrong place.

You can download it in the usual spot. Also, don’t forget to give feedback in the comments!

Update 18:08: I fixed the download link! Sorry about that.

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