Killplex Alpha 1 v13: Launcher hotfix, Server end-match now rotating

Quick hotfix, y’all.

There was a flaw in the Launcher that didn’t let you update if: you installed in your Program Files folder AND you didn’t give it Administrator permissions. This would be because the game tries to update in that folder, and Windows is kind of picky about letting apps modify the Program Files folder. Not that that’s bad, just inconvenient.

I’ve deployed a temporary fix so that everytime you run the Launcher, it will ask you to run as an admin. It’s going to be a bit of a nag if you have User Account Control activated, and I’m trying to figure out a better solution, but right now it shall remain like that.

There was also a quick fix to Server, where, if players were on the server, the round ended and those players left before the map changed, when someone would reconnect, the game would throw him away, saying “The server is changing map, please reconnect”. Well, that message will appear only if you catch it right in the act of switching a server and you weren’t there.

Download it here, as always. If you already have the game installed, run your Launcher as an administrator, and let it update.

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