Killplex Alpha 1 v10: now with shiny installer!

No more “download XNA so you can play this”. Now Killplex has a proper installer, that sees if you have .NET and XNA, and (hopefully) installs them if you don’t. If it doesn’t work, please give me feedback! I’d apreciate it.

But installers are not all. We have a couple o’ changes in this, including some balancing changes.

  • Added some performance optimizations.
  • Changed the Launcher’s internal configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where some clients couldn’t see each other after a new round begun.
  • Reduced fire rate of S40 Destroyer.
  • Reduced reload time of RPG9 Eradicator, S40 Destroyer, SAIGA-6 Scattergun and P8 Pistol.
  • Slightly increased damage range of C500 Assault Rifle, UMP-90 Submachine Gun, S40 Destroyer and P8 Pistol.
  • Slightly increased bullet velocity of MG-100 Heavy Fire, S40 Destroyer and P8 Pistol.

As always, you can download it here. And don’t forget to use the Launcher! And not the .exe directly!

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