Killplex Alpha 1 is available for download

Ladies and gentlemen… Killplex Alpha Version 1.

After a few months in development (and an unknown Pre-alpha stage), here comes a (hopefully) stable Alpha version of Killplex. May I remind you that this is pretty much a work-in-progress, and that lots of things are going to be changed in the road to the final version.

You will need .NET Framework 4.0 and the XNA Redistributable 4.0 installed on your computer, otherwise the game will not run.

Download it now!

What’s included in the .zip file?

The launcher, game, server and mapper executables. It also has all the game resources and configuration files for both client and server, and they all need to be in the same folder. The mapper has no configuration files of its own (yet…).

How do I enter a server with my own nickname? And how do I change resolution? How can I turn off fullscreen/bloom/etc?

You can do this from the launcher, by going to the “Options” menu. There, you can change your nickname, screen resolution, and turn on/off some more options (fullscreen, bloom, vertical sync).

How do I connect to a server?

From the Launcher, you can go to the “Server Browser” and look for available servers. You can also store your favourite servers, and you can direct connect to an IP/port (these are specified through the “Options” menu, more info above).

Do I have any client-side cool commands?

“Draw.FPS” to show an FPS counter, “Draw.Bloom” to turn on/off bloom during runtime, “version” to show . Other than those, there aren’t any more commands available yet.

The mapper is so difficult to mess with!

It requires a little bit of fiddling with it at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy to create your maps. Just be careful before editing the default maps, because most servers won’t like it.

Please note that maps aren’t shared by the server yet, so you have to make your creation public in order for other people to play in it. How do you do it is at your discretion.

For more information about the game and server, please visit this page.
For a list of recent changes, check the changelog here!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please leave them below, and I will reply to you.

Have fun! 😀

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