It’s still ongoing

I’m not porting it anymore.

Yes, I know, I keep changing my word. But I’m not porting it. I can’t stand porting a project that already has so much going for it. Maybe Killplex 2… just joking.

I am, however, still working on it. I may not port it but I’m sure as hell modifying the internals and whatnot. The engine is being stabilized, and I’m adding new features to the core framework (which will mostly affect development times, making all sorts of stuff easier).

I’m also in the process of developing some new UI components, most notably the Menu component. It accepts objects of the parent type MenuItem, which can have multiple types spawned from it: StandardItem, OptionItem, TextInputItem, and so on. Here’s a demo of it.

I’m tweaking lots of other stuff. I used to not have 60fps on my work PC, even at 800×600. Now I do, even on the heaviest map. That’s something good, I guess.

I’ll also be phasing out the Launcher, instead making an Updater which will be only for that: Updating and Patching the game. I already have it done, but there are some issues with the windows’ paths that I have to solve.

Lastly, I’m making some new sub-systems, and I’m going to tweak most of the gameplay. For the better, I hope.

Some more news soon.

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