It ain’t dead


My full time job has this tendency of occupying all of my time. And my mental availability to code. So Killplex slowed down, a lot.

The project is very much alive, at least in my head. I know, it’s frustrating and disappointing for me too – not seeing regular updates, not working on the game as much as I’d want. Even when I said one of my milestones was regular updates every week, and even scheduling a full-fledged prototype for the end of November.

What a dumb fool I was. And still am.

I cannot tell you for certain when I’ll be able to pick up on the game fully. It’s a careful balance to manage, and until today I’ve been royally messing it up. Hopefully you’ll see this post as a sign that I haven’t given up. That’s not a thing I tend to do.

Stay safe.

PS: that’s not my dog.

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