First blog post!

If you came straight from my personal blog (, then you already know what this is for.

But if you didn’t… Welcome to the official Killplex blog!

This is where me and other people will frequently write posts about the game that I’m currently developing (not full-time, I warn you), which is a 2D top-down multiplayer shooter. Too few people have played the game yet, but soon there will be an Alpha where you can pretty much download the game and start playing.

This blog will serve pretty much as a hub for your questions as well. If you see a blog post that you think approaches the topic of your question, feel free to leave a comment (I hope is working properly, tsk, tsk). Even if your topic isn’t present in the archives, feel free to leave a question and I’ll try to answer it to the best of my abilities.

More news will follow soon, along with an extensive post about the Alpha that will be maintained.

Again, if you have questions of any kind, please leave them in this post and I’ll get back to you (or as Nundril likes to say, “I shall address them properly”. Don’t go all copyrights on me, you wanker. That was for Nundril, btw).


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