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I said on my Twitter that I was stalling development for a while due to personal problems. This was not entirely true, because, even though I’m not coding (not as much as I was two weeks ago), I am still developing in terms of game design, defining a roadmap, and so on.

Many new ideas are now coming to my head, about how to tackle a certain game mechanic, or how to do a certain mode, or what I need for a certain feature to be properly implemented. I’m worrying too much about critical reception and appealing to the masses, so I’m throwing those cares away.

I’m pretty much returning to the basics. The intent of this game was to make it so that me and my group of friends can enjoy the best of every single game we played before. From enjoying a single game of Rush, to try and tackle a Gun Game from time to time, or even a simple Death match, we wanted something that was made for us. So I’m turning to that philosophy.

This is not, however, putting other people’s beliefs aside. This is just a change in how I’m thinking things through.

With that said, I believe you are going to enjoy what’s to come. The Beta 1 is still a long way to go, with lots of small tweaks and some new features coming your way, like Entity Gates and Buttons, server events where you can trigger particle and sound effects, shake or zoom the camera with a few server scripts, VoIP support and Replay Mode (more on each of those later).

Beta 1 will not receive any new modes. But don’t fret — there are at least six modes planned out (three with finalized designs, one in design conception, and two still to be fully outlined) through Betas 2 and 3, and I will reveal more about those in the near future. Until then, just this little snippet to warm your hearts: legendary defense tactics abound.

Feedback is appreciated.

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