It’s still ongoing

I’m not porting it anymore.

Yes, I know, I keep changing my word. But I’m not porting it. I can’t stand porting a project that already has so much going for it. Maybe Killplex 2… just joking.

I am, however, still working on it. I may not port it but I’m sure as hell modifying the internals and whatnot. The engine is being stabilized, and I’m adding new features to the core framework (which will mostly affect development times, making all sorts of stuff easier).

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Rolling to a stop

I’m going to stop releasing updates for Killplex Alpha 1 for now. This is basically because I’m going to cool my head down, and await release of MonoGame 3.

I’m still checking, but I definitely want to port the game to other platforms, so it’s Windows, Mac OS X and Linux at first, and then we’ll see. While I wait for it to release, I’ll keep working on the current branch I have, making sure I get the least amount of hassles when porting.

I’ll be also revamping some stuff like Screen Management (making it more efficient), all the User Interfaces (especially when it comes to HUD), and basically the whole engine architecture. I want to make it easy to configure, to script, and so on.

So yeah, this will set the release date back. How much, I can’t really say, but it’ll make it much better in the long run.

Seriously, if you have any ideas, please let me know.

Killplex Alpha 1 v13: Launcher hotfix, Server end-match now rotating

Quick hotfix, y’all.

There was a flaw in the Launcher that didn’t let you update if: you installed in your Program Files folder AND you didn’t give it Administrator permissions. This would be because the game tries to update in that folder, and Windows is kind of picky about letting apps modify the Program Files folder. Not that that’s bad, just inconvenient.

I’ve deployed a temporary fix so that everytime you run the Launcher, it will ask you to run as an admin. It’s going to be a bit of a nag if you have User Account Control activated, and I’m trying to figure out a better solution, but right now it shall remain like that.

There was also a quick fix to Server, where, if players were on the server, the round ended and those players left before the map changed, when someone would reconnect, the game would throw him away, saying “The server is changing map, please reconnect”. Well, that message will appear only if you catch it right in the act of switching a server and you weren’t there.

Download it here, as always. If you already have the game installed, run your Launcher as an administrator, and let it update.

Killplex Alpha 1 v12: BASE ATTACK! And some more goodies…

It’s been far too long.

In the wake of my previous post, where I detailed a bit of what’s to follow in Killplex, I know kept my word and am now releasing a new build. This one is special because, a) it has lots of internal changes. And b) it actually came out when I said it would.

Base Attack is the star of the show. The new mode is basically a mix of Battlefield’s Rush with Counter-Strike’s Defusal mode. Along with the new mode comes a new map (which I spent nearly an entire day drawing and programming): batk_arena.

Yes, you read that right. The maps now support scripting. It’s in Python, and it’s still hella unfinished, but it’s working (as we can see from the new map working).

I leave you the highlights of this release, and I encourage you to try it.

  • Added capture point assists for Capturing and Neutralizing.
  • Added new game mode: Base Attack.
  • Added positional audio.
  • Added server-side map event scripting.
  • Added some network code optimizations.
  • Fixed a bug where light effects (flicker, rotate) wouldn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug where players’ scores in the Info/Scoreboard UI wouldn’t be updated after capturing/neutralizing a capture point in Domination.
  • Fixed a bug where spawn points were being imported incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where, if the server uploaded a map to a client, other players would lag.
  • …and many more.

Download it here! And you can read the complete changelog here.

Warning! Make sure you open the Launcher as an administrator (right-click, “Run as Administrator”), otherwise it will trigger a WebClient error! I’ll find a way to fix this for the next patch.

Some words about Killplex’s direction…

I’ve been busy these last few days, trying to add new stuff to Killplex. The roadmap I’m following is not by any means a definite plan, as I’m just reading what’s on the list and implementing what makes more sense first.

Here’s some of the stuff on that list:

– Map sections that affect world entities.
– A mode based on Battlefield’s Rush mode.
– A mode based on classic Capture the Flag mode.
– A mode based on Counter-Strike’s Defuse/Classic.
– A mode that mixes TF2’s MvM and CoD’s Zombie mode.

As you can probably tell, there’s a whole lot of work to be done, and that’s just on modes by themselves. Yes, I intend Killplex’s multiplayer to have a variety of them, and right now with Domination and three variants of Deathmatch, I’d call it a little thin for my tastes.

So, what am I doing right now?

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Killplex Alpha 1 v11: server map downloads, netcode fixes, and more.

New week, new patch. This one brings out a few internal improvements to the engine, that will make it easier for me to develop in the future.

And yeah, there will be a lot of these in the coming years of support (tsk tsk!), but your game experience should not falter. In the current eventuality that it does, I promise I’ll try my best to send you a cake by air mail, carrier pidgeon, or time-travel.

As always, just fire up your launcher and update away (don’t forget to give Admin rights to the .exe!). If you still don’t have the game installed, you can download it here.

  • Added network graph for debugging.
  • Added server map sharing.
  • Changed the network code.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t see each other after a spawn.

Killplex Alpha 1 v10: now with shiny installer!

No more “download XNA so you can play this”. Now Killplex has a proper installer, that sees if you have .NET and XNA, and (hopefully) installs them if you don’t. If it doesn’t work, please give me feedback! I’d apreciate it.

But installers are not all. We have a couple o’ changes in this, including some balancing changes.

  • Added some performance optimizations.
  • Changed the Launcher’s internal configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where some clients couldn’t see each other after a new round begun.
  • Reduced fire rate of S40 Destroyer.
  • Reduced reload time of RPG9 Eradicator, S40 Destroyer, SAIGA-6 Scattergun and P8 Pistol.
  • Slightly increased damage range of C500 Assault Rifle, UMP-90 Submachine Gun, S40 Destroyer and P8 Pistol.
  • Slightly increased bullet velocity of MG-100 Heavy Fire, S40 Destroyer and P8 Pistol.

As always, you can download it here. And don’t forget to use the Launcher! And not the .exe directly!

Killplex Alpha 1 v9 (HOTFIX): another major bug fix

This is what happens when I’m drunk. Except that I didn’t drink anything. So it was all a product of my stupidity.

  • Fixed an issue where the countdown label in the Info/Scoreboard UI would disappear if the game was minimized during endround.
  • Fixed an issue where the game had a purple screen when the connection to the server was lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the server couldn’t cycle maps.
  • Removed bloom effect.

Bloom was removed because it was conflicting with the whole engine. It was a partial cause of the infamous purple screen error. So I removed it for the time being, and it will return once I figure out how to re-implement it. This means “Draw.Bloom” doesn’t work anymore.

I didn’t remove the option in the settings though… I’ll leave it be for now, since bloom will make a return soon.

Download in the usual place. Feedback in the comments, if you have any!

Killplex Alpha 1 v8: major bug fix, some gameplay tweaks!

Hey! New week, new patch to install.

Nothing significant has been added to this version, mostly fixes and tweaks. There was one nasty bug that crashed the game when some people did Alt+TAB to Windows, or even minimized the window entirely, but I fixed it.

There were a couple of tweaks done as well, but I guess a list does the job better than I do at reporting this sort of stuff.

  • Added feedback sound when a player is capturing/neutralizing a capture point in Domination.
  • Added support for in-game option changing through the console.
  • Changed some server internal logic and configuration.
  • Changed the explosion particle effect of the RPG-9 Eradicator.
  • Changed the game connection sequence slightly in order to avoid issues related to high latency and others.
  • Fixed an issue where other players’ overlay was being shown when they spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where the engine would crash with a purple screen if the game was minimized somehow.
  • Fixed an issue where the player wouldn’t be able to switch teams if they were balanced and the player was a spectator.
  • Fixed an issue where the server admin couldn’t kick a player due to “name not recognized” even if the names were the same.
  • Fixed blood spatter particle effect appearing in the wrong place.

You can download it in the usual spot. Also, don’t forget to give feedback in the comments!

Update 18:08: I fixed the download link! Sorry about that.

Killplex v7 brings a minimap, and a lot of tweaks!

A (very busy) week has passed since I last updated Killplex. Here’s a new release with a bunch of new features, that I conveniently explained here last week.

  • Added a Minimap UI.
  • Added a whitelist feature where the admin can control who is allowed on the server, through a “whitelist.cfg” file and client UIDs.
  • Added new map adaptations from “arena”, for Team and Squad Deathmatch, and changed dm_arena and dom_arena to their latest versions.
  • Added Xbox 360 controller support.
  • Fixed an issue where players didn’t have the right textures.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Remove Server” button in the Launcher Favourites wouldn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where the RPG fire sound volume would be too high.
  • The selected weapon is now saved between rounds in the configuration file.

Download it now!