Back in development

This seems like a never-ending rollercoaster, and I’m the guy that won’t shut it off.

I am resuming development on the previous codebase (formerly known as old build), and I’m going to expand from there. This means development on the new engine is scrapped, but I will rewrite the current (old) engine over time in order to integrate the new code.

After the jump, I made a little FAQ. If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to reply.

What does this mean for the current build in the Download page?

I will resume support for any bugs that may show up, but a new roadmap will be developed since the old one that accompanied this release wasn’t going to be moving forward anyway.

Will it still carry on as a Beta?

No. It will now be known as Alpha 2 (the old one as Alpha 1). The website will be changed to conform to this change.

What changes will be coming soon?

Mostly internal changes while I port stuff from the (now scrapped) new build to the old one. This will be a rewrite to several main parts of it: map making, networking (server and client), physics, entities, UI, and graphics (to a minor extent, just better overall).

While the rewrite is done, some features might vanish. I won’t

If I make a new map right now, will it be compatible in the future?

This is a touchy subject, so I’ll address it in a direct way: no. Support for custom maps will not be guaranteed while I’m rewriting the engine. This is because a lot of internal stuff is going to change. This will also affect maps that I made.

When will the port be completed?

I don’t know. Might be a month, might be a year. The game will be actively supported, though, and it will be playable since I will do it in stages (not defined yet).

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