The struggle is real

A few months ago I dropped a post basically saying the game is pretty much in development. I did, however, fail to mention the game was brought back to concept stages, and no substantial development was done, other than a movement prototype. And now, in the spirit of transparency, and because I changed my mind again, I wish to clear everything up.

This is just a jumbled mess...

I had pretty much given up on the basic version of the game I had built in XNA. The game had no focus and no substance. I had focused on pretty lighting and recoil values, and had learned how to code a game in that framework, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I was trying to cram too many game modes into it, too many weapons and ideas, and eventually it became a clone of every other game I played at the time.

Eventually when I wanted to focus it more on specific ideas I liked, I realized that the code I had made was complete trash. I couldn’t expand the game further without rewriting some pretty major parts of it, and that’s what made me lose all the motivation I had.

Still there were no stopping the ideas I had, so I had to make the only choice that seemed logical at the time: start fresh.

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