Killplex Beta 1 (v30): Killplex Account, and lots of changes


So. Killplex Accounts. Nifty stuff, you create your username, put in your email and a password, and there. You have a permanent identity. Which will be used for lots of stuff. I’d say that’s pretty neat, don’t you think?

Also, this one is a mega-patch, due to the sheer size of changes, fixes and rebalancing going on. You can check them out here.

Because this was one of those patches where core stuff was changed, a lot of options will be bugged. My advice? Remove your config.cfg (you can find it on %appdata%/Killplex), and start over.

Be wary that if, in future patches, your account gets deleted, it’s because I purged it. This is because I may or may not change the database frequently, as this is still a very (and I quote, very) Beta release. So sometimes erasing everything is easier than making scripts to adjust already-existing content to the new frame. So don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

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Something wicked this way comes

The next patch will be the start of some breaking changes to Killplex. However, in this post, I will go in a bit of detail about where the game is going. Let me start by what’s already in store:

Killplex Accounts. This is probably the focal point of the next patch. Announced servers will now require you to be logged in, to an account that you create in a yet-to-reveal Killplex sub-site. This account will be your identity in the game, and with it I will be able to introduce some exciting new stuff.

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