Creative waters


I said on my Twitter that I was stalling development for a while due to personal problems. This was not entirely true, because, even though I’m not coding (not as much as I was two weeks ago), I am still developing in terms of game design, defining a roadmap, and so on.

Many new ideas are now coming to my head, about how to tackle a certain game mechanic, or how to do a certain mode, or what I need for a certain feature to be properly implemented. I’m worrying too much about critical reception and appealing to the masses, so I’m throwing those cares away.

I’m pretty much returning to the basics. The intent of this game was to make it so that me and my group of friends can enjoy the best of every single game we played before. From enjoying a single game of Rush, to try and tackle a Gun Game from time to time, or even a simple Death match, we wanted something that was made for us. So I’m turning to that philosophy.

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Killplex Beta 1 (v27): Predator mode! Fixes, stabilization; 24/7 servers!

PredatorI kinda said I wasn’t going to release any more patches for a while… well, I kinda found a way around that. Even though it hurts posting and updating everything from a laptop. Seriously, it took me the time it usually takes to update everything¬†plus half an hour. It hurts.

Predator mode arrived in v26.¬†Inspired on the (probably famous) Half-Life 2 mod “Hidden: Source”, 8 players must hunt for the hidden coward known as the Predator (what an oxymoron, right?). The Predator has triple the health (300% for those who don’t do math), has a number of frag grenades according to the number of players in the Attacking team (1-2p = 0 grenades, 3-4p = 1 grenade, 5-6p = 2 grenades, 7-8 = 3 grenades), walks at double the normal speed, and has a special skill called Invisibility, which allows him to become semi-undetectable for about 10 seconds.

Download it now!

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No patches for a while

Basically I’m having problems accessing this blog through my own internet connection. I’m working on the game, I just won’t have a way to update it.

Also, my server will not show up on your server browsers due to that problem. I’m trying to work it out with my hosting, but new year’s seems to be in full effect. Alas, no servers will show up today.

I’m sorry about this inconvenience, and hopefully the rest of the new year will bring no such issues again.

Happy new year,